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Question by Mehmet
Are you playing in Istanbul this year? Have you been to Turkey?
Dani's answer
I haven't been to Turkey yet but I would love to go, for sure!
Question by Tomo
Do you have a fashion idol?
Dani's answer
Definitely Roberto Cavalli for the evening dresses, Giorgio Armani for his class and Louis Vuitton for bags and accessories.
Question by Robert (Slovakia)
What is your favorite TV sitcom? I recommend How I Met Your Mother. It's very funny!
Dani's answer
Definitely Friends! I have seen all the episodes (and not just once, of course!) and it would be great to see them doing some reunion stuff again, they were the best.
Question by Alex Lee
Hey Daniela! How's the partnership with adidas going?
Dani's answer
It's going great. I'm very happy to be representing such a great company with so much class yet very performance-focused. Also I'm proud to be part of the SLVR line (check it out at It's a very cool line: classy yet laid back, and you can wear the clothes every day. The shoot I did in Barcelona had a very nice urban look and a different edge to it, and they are all great quality products, which makes it even more enjoyable to dress in :-)
Question by Nena
What's on your iPod these days?
Dani's answer
There are U2 songs, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, tons of Italian music and, of course, the Gladiatior soundtrack :)
Question by Maurice
What languages do you speak? Maurice
Dani's answer
Slovak, German, English and a few Italian words. With Slovak you can understand some other languages, like Czech, Slovenian, Croatian... The first language I learned was actually German, because we're so close to Germany and Austria, so in school that's the first language they teach you in Slovakia.
Question by Jose
Will you go back to Monterrey next year?
Dani's answer
It's obviously a very, very nice tournament. I loved my time there and my schedule is usually made at the end of the year - hopefully I can come back again!
Question by Fred
How do you keep your string tension?
Dani's answer
Great question! Nobody has ever asked this. There are so many things that affect what string a player uses. Which part of the world you're playing in, if it's humid or dry, whether the balls are flying or are a little heavier, the court, the altitude... It's never the same. On average, I like to keep them pretty medium range.
Question by Luis Pogi
Do you still dream of winning a Grand Slam?
Dani's answer
Definitely, otherwise I wouldn't be playing! I don't mind which one... I think Wimbledon would be the most special one.
Question by Daniela Valles
How do you stay fit?
Dani's answer
I usually try to be as ready for my matches as possible, so this is very important to me. I always do workouts before or after my tennis training. In the days you travel, it's important when you arrive somewhere to go for a jog or just sweat a little bit, so you can get back into the rhythm faster. Drink plenty of water, get as much sleep as possible... And just as important as being fit is recovery from matches - that's something I've learned in my experience.

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