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D-one developed for Daniela Hantuchová by

DANIELA HANTUCHOVA © 2000 All Rights Reserved

What we eat is important but even more the love we give to ourselves. 
Be D-one to treat yourself.

Being a world class tennis player for years, taking care of my body with the right nutrition while training has been my everyday task. Competing and traveling around the world has thought me much and now I would love to share it with you through the treats full of goodness, energy, harmony and love.

It’s not only for people who are always on the go like me, but for everyone  who wants to treat themselves with something good for their body and mind. 

For someone, who cares about himself…  

  • Cold processed RAW fruit - the source of highest bioavailable vitamins and minerals 

  • Infused with unique PROTEIN matrix Vega ProFusion® 

  • Healthy and 100% NATURAL

  • Enviromentaly friendly - that’s why D-ONE is VEGAN

  • Naturally GLUTEN-FREE

raw fruit bites

The fusion of innovation and taste