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Daniela Hantuchová

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  Daniela Hantuchova calendar only for 19,50 €. With this purchase you will support the Daniela Hantuchova Foundation.

My story


I was born in Poprad and dedicated my whole life to tennis. I started to devote my time to my new D-one brand after ending my professional career.

My professional career started in 1999 at the age of 16. I have reached my highest no. 5 WTA ranking in 2003. In July 2017 I announced the end of my professional tennis career and created my own D-one brand.

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My career


Beginning of professional tennis career


Wimbledon title in mixed doubles with Leoš Friedl

2002Indian Wells

Indian Wells title


WTA Newcomer of the Year

2002Australian Open

Australian Open title mixed doubles with Kevin Ullyett

2002Gran Canaria

Fed Cup team victory


5th ranking

2005French Open

French Open title in mixed doubles with Fabricio Santor

2005US Open

US Open title in mixed doubles with Mahes Bhuphati

2006French Open

French Open title female doubles with Ai Sugiyama

2007Indian Wells

Indian Wells title

2008Australian Open

Australian Open semi-final

2009French Open

French Open female doubles with Ai Sugiyama

2015Thailand Open

Thailand Open title


July – end of the professional tennis career

Daniela Hantuchova Foundation

Daniela Hantuchova Foundation was founded in 2017 together with her closest friends and loved ones.
A part of the D-one purchases is donated to the Foundation.

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My story

Sports career

Daniela got engaged with tennis at the age of 5 for the first time thanks to her grandmother Helena, a Slovak tennis champion.

My story

National Representation

Daniela continuously and persistently supported the Slovak national tennis team at the Olympics and in the Fed Cup matches.

Her tennis basis was established by these three trainers: Jozef Bulko, Nick Bolletieri and Nigel Sear.

The first one taught her the clean tennis technique when she was 9-14 years old, the second one equipped her with the exceptional capacity for mental and tennis endurance in his famous academy. The third one actually started her professional career and managed to lead her to her first victory at the age of 19 in Indian Wells (2002).

Daniela became the lowest WTA ranked player to win such a prestigious tournament. It has catapulted her to the top as the player with the best performance progress during one year. She received the title WTA Newcomer of the Year, as well.

Daniela played 61 main matches and participated in 369 professional tennis events during her career. She is the 37th WTA player to win 570 times in total. She cooperated with many other couches – for example with the former couch of André Agassi, Daren Cahil, or Peter Lundgren who trained Roger Federrer. She also worked with Matej Lipták, Angel Gimenez and Claudio Pistolesi. Eduardo Nicolas, her last couch, played a significant role in her career as he helped her to achieve the second WTA triumph in Indian Wells (2007). Under his guidance Daniela returned to the TOP 10 of the WTA ranking.

Daniela achieved her last WTA victory in 2015 when she won the Thailand Open.


In 2002 Slovakia won the whole Fed Cup tournament for the first time in history. We beat Spain in the final also thanks to Daniela’s admirable effort.

Daniela played in the Slovak Fed Cup team till 2017 and holds a world record regarding the number of matches played for her country. Her fans rewarded her with the national award Tennis Player of the Year several times in the years between 2002 and 2007.

Roger Federer and Miloš Mečíř are her sports icons.

Daniela is a lifetime ambassador of healthy lifestyle and she prefers to eat sushi, sea food, fresh vegetables and fruit. Alcohol and cigarettes were never a part of her life. Her experience with a healthy diet is reflected in the D-One brand, as well.

Daniela has always loved challenges and that is why she participated in the dance competition Let´s Dance in 2017. She has also become the ambassador of the ČSOB Bratislava Marathon 2018 in which she will definitely take her active part.

Daniela Hantuchova Foundation

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