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  Daniela Hantuchova calendar only for 19,50 €. With this purchase you will support the Daniela Hantuchova Foundation.


Purchase in the online store danielahantuchova.com can be made by physical and legal
persons without restriction, provided that they will follow these General Terms and Conditions.
he customer gives consent to these GTC y lacing an order for goods
Seller: XLY .r.o., Blumentálska ulica 8, 811 07 Bratislava, company ID (I O): 36280828, VAT ID
(I DPH): SK2022145642 The company is entered in the Business Register of the District Court
of Bratislava, Section Sro, Insert No. 6687/B.
Buyer: Any natural or legal person wh entered into a business relationship with the seller by
placing an order
Goods: roducts included in the offer of the online store www.danielahantuchova.com

Soma overnight no consult fast delivery ORDERING GOODS

The buyer can order any product included in the offer of the online store
The buyer can order the goods by the accurate completion of the order on the website of
the online store.
After receiving the order, the buyer will receive an e mail with the information on the change of
the order status. Following the verification of the ordered goods and reservation of the goods in a
warehouse by our employees, we will send the buyer the confirmation of booking the goods. Our
employees can anytime contact the buyer by phone or e mail to verify the order or supplement
any required information.
he business relationship between the buyer and the seller is established pon confirming the
order The buyer thereby undertakes to pay the purchase price of the ordered and delivered
goods in full, including transport costs, according to the applicable terms and conditions.
he buyer confirms the veracity and accuracy of the data y the order confirmation
Each order must include:
Name of the buyer;
Billing address;
Mailing address for delivery of the goods, if other than a billing address;
Telephone number and e mail;
Code of the goods or the exact name of the product;
Number of units of each item of the goods;
Date of placing the order;
Method of payment for the goods
Mode of transport and receipt of the goods.
Order placed by a legal entity must also include:
Company ID (I O) and axpayer ID;
Contact person and telephone number;
Billing address (if different from a delivery address)

http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ buy soma cheap no prescription PRICES AND PAYMENT CONDITIONS

Buyers can make payment for goods in one of the following ways:
Before accepting the goods: by bank transfer
On receipt of the goods: cash on delivery by post office or courier
When paying before accepting the goods, please make the payment after you have received an
mail confirmation of booking the oods in the warehouse, which is operatively sent by our staff
on weekdays.
you do not receive the mail confirmation necessary for the payment within forty eight (48)
hours, please contact us by e mail or phone.
If in the case of the payment before the acceptance of the goods the customer fails to pay the
ordered goods within ten (10) days after the order confirmation, the seller shall be entitled to
cancel the booking of the goods for the buyer and mark the order as void. Thereby, the business
relationship between the buyer and the seller shall cease to exist.
Each shipment of the ordered goods shall be accompanied by an invoice (tax document). The
invoice will include the price of the goods ordered and shipping costs.
rices of goods are given for individual items and are valid only for purchase in the online
shop through the website www.danielahantuchova.com
The seller reserves the right to change prices of goods.
The seller guarantees the delivery of goods at a price referred to in the online shop at the time of
placing an order


The ordered goods will be sent to the buyer in a chosen method (mail or courier) or will be
ready for personal collection.
The goods will be sent within the time specified by the online store.
In the case of payment on delivery, products in stock will be delivered to the buyer within seven
(7) working days if the warehouse designated them as AVAILABLE; otherwise they will be sent
by the deadline included in the product description If the product is available to order, it will be
delivered within seven (7) working days. Our system will automatically inform the buyer by e mail
of any change of the order.
In the case of payment in advance by bank transfer, we will send the goods after the receipt of
the payment, so the delivery time will be extended by the period necessary to receive the
If the goods are sent by mail and the shipment is not delivered within seven (7) days of receipt of
an e mail consignment notification, please make an inquiry about the shipment at your post office
by the identification number of the shipment sent to you as part of the consignment notification.
we are unable to send the goods within the above time limits, our staff will contact you by e mail
or telephone and notify you of the date of dispatching or offer you an adequate alternative product
as a replacement for the ordered one.
The seller will charge the costs of shipping and handling of the ordered goods according
to the current valid price list of the Slovak Post or courier based on the exact weight of the
ordered goods and place of delivery.


Under applicable legislation, the customer as a private person (non entrepreneur) shall be
entitled to withdraw from the contract within seven (7) working days of receipt of goods. If
you choose to do so, please contact us and send us a written withdrawal stating the order
number, purchase date, reason for returning the goods, and account number or exact address for
a financial settlement.
Send the purchased goods together with proof of purchase back to our address. When returning
the goods, please send the undamaged. The seller undertakes to return the price paid for the
goods to the buyer within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt of the returned goods in the same
way as used for the payment for the goods unless the customer requests otherwise.


Buyers may only reclaim the goods purchased from the seller.
To reclaim the goods, the buyer shall provide the seller, together with the defective goods, a
signed complaint, stating the description of the defect. To admit the complaint, a copy of the
invoice upon which the goods were acquired must be enclosed.
The reclaimed goods must be complete.
The complaint shall be resolved within thirty (30) days of receipt of the reclaimed goods by the
seller. Resolving the complaint within the warranty period is free.
The warranty shall not apply to the product if the defect has been caused by mishandling,
mechanical damage, operation in unsuitable conditions or tampering with the product. Product
defects caused by natural disasters are also excluded from the warranty.
Complaints will be handled in accordance with the Commercial Code valid in the Slovak Republic.


Dear Customer,
If you believe we have violated your rights, or you are not satisfied with the way we handled your
complaint, please send us your application for redress to our e mail address:
info danielahantuchova.com
If we respond to your application negatively, or we fail to respond it within thirty (30) days of
sending it to the above e mail address, or you will not be satisfied with our solution, under the
amended Act No. 102/2014 and Act No. 391/2015 on Alternative Resolution of Consumer
Disputes, you shall be entitled to the alternative (non judicial) method of dispute resolution.
You can submit your application in the manner specified in Article 12 of Act No. 391/2015 Coll., or
you can use the form available on the website of the respective ministry and each alternative
dispute resolution entity.
Please, find the list of alternative dispute resolution entities valid from 10 April 2016 on this
website: http://www.mhsr.sk/zoznam subjektov alternativneho riesenia spotrebitelskych
sporov/146987s The consumer shall be entitled to choose any of the ADR entities at his / her
Applications may be sent electronically to the address of the Slovak Trade Inspection:
The addressed ADR entit may refuse the application of the consumer if, e.g.: • the quantifiable value of the claim does not exceed 20.00 EUR; • having regard to all circumstances, it is clear that the dispute can be resolved
alternatively only with a disproportionate effort; or the like.
Consumers can also send complaints to the online dispute resolution platform (ODR):
https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=SK onsumers
living in the EU may file complaints with the ODR platform against any trader established in the
Costs associated with the alternative dispute resolution shall be borne by each party to the
dispute alone, without the possibility of recovery.
Purchase in the online store danielahantuchova.com can be made by physical and legal
persons without restriction, provided that they will follow these General Terms and Conditions.